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Timepiece Care Instructions

Your timepiece was made to last, below are a couple of tips to ensure it does.

Your timepiece has been thoughtfully and thoroughly constructed. We have used best practice in all aspects of the construction and assembly of your new timepiece. There is not too much to say in respect to the care of your watch except that if you respect it, it will be with you a very long time. There are a couple of notes we would like to make though with regards to care.

Our watches are 5ATM pressure tested, which is commonly regarded as 50m water resistant. We believe this is misleading, this is no divers watch, this is a dress piece and should be treated as such. Even though you could shower or swim with our watch we recommend that you do not due to the adverse effect it will have on your leather strap. Unless you are waterproofing your strap (we don't recommend) water will degrade the leather. We have produced the highest quality strap with the exception of exotic leathers and we recommend nourishing this leather as you would other leather products.

Our watch cases contain a Swiss Made Ronda 6004.D Quartz movement, this movement is powered by a lithium battery, each battery holds approximately 40 months charge. The Ronda 6004.D operates with an EOL (End of Life) function. You will notice this when the battery is low, it is an indicator to the wearer that it is time to replace the battery. So don't worry there is nothing wrong with the watch it will just need a new battery.

Lastly, every watch inevitably ends up being handled quite frequently and ends up with fingerprint and smudge marks on it, because of this each watch comes with it own microfibre cloth which you can find in the base of your watch case. You can thank us later.