What is it that makes our timepieces such an exceptional proposition?
Discover, what sets us apart




We produce timepieces that are crafted to the highest standard and better yet we do it all for an equitable price.

Here at Under the Sun we are fixated with symmetry but we are also equally consumed by craftsmanship. For us it is not enough to build elegant or handsome, we require that everything we put on the table has been executed to the utmost and because of that, a few things set us apart.

Every aspect of our watches has been extensively researched, sampled and finely considered to bring you one of the most complete timepiece's in its price class, including but not isolated to dial concepts that we can guarantee wont be found anywhere else. Below is a brief summary of how we exceed expectations........

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Out of respect to those that came before; to celebrating our journey, our heritage and our home.

Likely one of the first aspects of our timepieces that caught your eye was the dials that grace them. We spent over nine months trying to perfect the dial and spent numerous different engineers to get the job done. To be honest we were unsure if we were going to get it over the finish line, once again patience and persistence has paid off.

Our schist and névé concept dials pay homage to New Zealand, our home, an example of art imitating nature. Schist is a metamorphic rock consisting of mineral grains that align in layers and is the foundation to some of the most spectacular scenery in the world. Névé formations sit atop glaciers where layer after layer of snow is compressed into hard ice as a glacier begins its flow downwards. These two features of New Zealand’s landscape are the inspiration behind our dials.

Each intricacy in our concept dials has been manipulated by hand and with our commitment to quality we have pursued the highest finish possible.

All the other components of our watches have also been through the same rigorous exercise to ensure that we are presenting the best possible timepiece in it’s price class, whether it concerns our elegant tiered case design, 5 jewelled swiss made movement, domed sapphire lens, a genuine Italian calfskin bracelet to the piano lacquered presentation box, you can be assured of its thoughtful application. (Please continue reading below.)



Our Commitment

The how or rather why our value proposition is as good as it is.

Before we began the drafting of our Progeny timepiece we knew the niche we wanted to fill, we are passionate about watch making and believed we could match the aesthetic and aspire to the quality of the luxury brands that stand so tall above us.

We are an evolving company and over the past three years we have learnt a great deal about relationships and manufacturing. We strive to consistently better ourselves and the timepieces we produce. We've negotiated and worked hard to secure the best design and pricing outcomes for ourselves and ultimately you. The result is inspired design, technically proficient engineering, high quality machining and impeccable finishing which all consolidate to bring about this quintessential timepiece.

Under the Sun is committed to designing pieces that are elegant, distinct and singular, gracing the wearer with a touch of luxury at a price you can afford.


About Us

Constantly evolving and striving for excellence in all that we do, Discover, Under the Sun.

Under the Sun began like most things do, with the future in mind, a goal of independence and a thirst to create. All stories have a beginning and ours starts somewhere slightly obscured from where we are today. Under the Sun saw it’s first light back in late 2012 when the company’s Director, Luke, began researching, drawing, designing and utilising his background in Computer Design and Photography to bring Under the Sun to life. In December 2012 Under the Sun launched with one pair of sunglasses named the Lancaster. Over the following two years Under the Sun grew it’s roster of sunglass designs, began shipping out to stores and savoured it’s first taste of success.
Mid 2014 began with the sketching of ideas for a watch, in completely uncharted ground but absolutely obsessed with the concept Under the Sun began to look into watch design, three months later the 60SQ had been drafted. Consisting of a lugless three tiered case design to be built from 316L Stainless Steel, housing a Japanese Miyota movement and boasting a carefully considered dial expressing perfect line weight through all it’s elements. It was our first foray into the world of watch making and we were hooked.
2017 ushers in a new trajectory for Under the Sun, after having built the world’s only Rimu Sunglasses and as we grow inwards and outwards we’ve made a move to channel our energies and commit our efforts soley to watch making. Our latest incarnation, the Progeny wrist watch is the fruit of our labour. All elements of our design process have been elevated, resulting in a watch that we are incredibly proud of. A signal of our committment to produce the highest quality timepieces. As our company continues to grow and evolve we seek to push our boundaries and build better than we have done before. We look forward to sharing our endeavours with you.

Name Origins

Since Under the Sun's inception a common question has been around the names origin, logo and the relationship of the product names. In short the logo is a tribute to Luke's late Grandfather Albert Owen Hawkins. During World War 2 Albert flew under RAF Bomber Command originally with 60 Squadron and later with 353 Squadron in Malay, Burma and India. The logo is an interpretation of the Lockheed Hudson, the Bomber Albert most commonly flew. All of our previous sunglass models were named after RAF bombers, and our watches after the squadrons he flew in. Our latest release the Progeny timepiece (meaning : offspring) is a further tribute to Luke's late father Geoff who has been a guiding force and the single biggest influence of Under the Sun's maturing in preceeding years.

The name itself stems from a conversation the two had a number of years ago when Luke was somewhat in a dilemma of what direction to take his Life, The conversation began with..... “You can do anything Under the Sun, it doesn't matter what it is as long as you follow a few guiding principles, put your mind to it, remember the details, never be slowed by obstacles and most importantly do it with a smile on your face.

RAF 353 Squadron, Dum Dum, 1942